Why is the Cybertruck so Cheap?

The clever design choices Tesla made to make the Cybertruck cheap to make.

But is it actually cheap?

The unibody exoskeleton of the Cybertruck. By getting rid of the body-on-frame design they offer more space for passengers, batteries and cargo.
A Ford F-150 configured to have space for 6 passengers and a 6.5 feed long bed for storage.

How on Earth can they make it that cheap!?

A stamping die. Used to by stamping machines to press sheet metal into different shapes.

Cost of shaping metal

How a metal sheet is turned into a part through a multi-stage process of being pressed by different stamping dies.

Paint is Expensive

Interior of the Cybertruck. Notice the marble looking Dashboard. No it isn’t made of actual marble, but a paper composite.

Simple interior

How Much Cheaper is the Tooling?


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