Why Nazism was Worse than Communism

Putting the Horribleness of Stalin into Context

The classic case made to expose the horribleness of communism is to point to Stalin’s Soviet Union. As proof of how horrible communism people frequently to compare the US with the USSR. The implication is that the US is prosperous and free society due to capitalism while the USSR under Stalin was a totalitarian and backwards country due to socialism. This is often used to discredit anyone advocating socialist policies, but not necessarily Soviet style command economy totalitarian socialism. Implicitly one is trying to sell the idea that free-wheeling capitalism means freedom and prosperity while any attempt at doing any wealth redistribution is just stepping stone towards tyranny and poverty.

Gulags and Serfdom

It is frequent to mention the Gulags as an example of the horrors of Communism. The Gulags were sort of like a prison. They initially put criminals there. However Stalin wished to use the Gulags as a way of settling and building up Siberia, so to get enough people they started rounding up people at random. Essentially it was a slave institution masquerading as a prison system.

Improvements under Soviet Socialism

While Russians under socialism were far poorer than Americans, they were non the less significantly better off than under Czar rule. People forget that Russia until the 1800s was almost a medieval society. It was extremely backwards. During communist rule industrial production rose at a very rapid pace. We see this clearly when we compare Czar Russia fighting Germany during WWI. They collapsed quickly and surrendered. They were extremely poorly equipped. Soldiers were sent to the front without guns.

Revolutions are Bloody

A lot of violence and suppression associated with communism is primarily caused by the fact that a revolution took place. That is a major reason why it was a bloody mess in Russia, China and other places.

Communism Without Revolution

If the problem with socialism or communism is down to the manner in which transitions happen, then what does communism without a revolution look like? Or is there even such a thing?

Why Nazism and the Alt-Right is More Dangerous

What I wanted to show you with the previous examples is that communism has been bloody and totalitarian when the transitioned happened through revolutions in poor and backwards countries. While when it happened in developed western democracies such as in Scandinavia it did not lead to totalitarianism, violence and mass murder.

  • Mentally disabled
  • Jews
  • Gypsy
  • Slavs

Capitalism Does not Guarantee Human Rights and Peace

We don’t even need to look towards Hitler, Mussolini or Franco for examples of bad guys. If one was to apply the same logic used to claim that socialism/communism is inherently evil and bloody, then one could easily make the claim about capitalism and democracy.

Am I a Communist or Socialist?

People have a tendency to believe that people are whatever they argue in favor of. E.g. I favor legalization of Marijuana as well, but I am still against smoking it both personally and for others. So just because I criticize capitalism and defend socialism doesn’t mean I am against capitalism or favor socialism.



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