Wow, really that is nice! What is your interest in RISC-V? Just general technology interest or do you dabble with things like micro controllers?

I mean my personal prediction has been that RISC-V will dominate in specialized systems not in general purpose desktop PC. As I wrote in my co-processor story, I think ARM is going to replace x86 on the desktop and in the cloud.

However I think we are increasingly going to see graphics cards, coprocessors, AI accelerators and that sort of thing running RISC-V.

I also think low cost hobbyst oriented PCs running Linux will start arriving. You got the HiFive Unmatched at CrowdSupply which you can already buy for $679.

But as you point out, China is a dark horse in this race. Their possible interest in RISC-V could push the platform forward a lot faster than we anticipate, even for general purpose computing.

I am not holding my breath though. My hope is more in with getting a rich selection of RISC-V alternatives which can replace AVR chips and ARM chips in the embedded space.

I quite liked AVR, but 8-bit registers is kind of limiting when programming in assembly. Although there is a certain charm in dealing with these limitations.

I would love to see something like this based on RISC-V in a DIP packakge (Dual in line):

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