Yes Sprague, Wikipedia seriously! You don't seem to get how this works.

The credibility of any source depends on its vetting and ability to provide sources and citations to its claims.

Wikipedia unlike your article actually backs up their claims by providign citations and sources to what they write. Yours doesn't.

Those claims are in accordance with countless other articles you can read online, which you could have easily looked up to verify what Wikipedia writes.

The article you link to is nothing but a hit piece with disinformation. It says nothing about the fact the these sattelites are made to de-orbit. Even if the way this de-orbit works was somehow flawed, it would behove this article to mention the itention to de-orbit and explain why it would not work. But they never do. Why? Because either 1) They are entirely ignorant of this. or 2) It is a hit piece and they don't want you to know as that doesn't give the negative spin they are looking for.

So what if iyou are talking about the entirety of the system? As was I:

1. The boosters will be landed again.

2. The second stage will be deliberately de-orbited immediately and burned up.

3. The sattelites will de-orbit by themselves within short time after they stop operating.

What else is left to complain about? Oh yes that they ruin it for astronomers? We don't know the full story there as SpaceX has made improvements to this problem. Yes, this may very well be a problem in the future, but I also never claimed it wouldn't. Instead I specifically reacted to your claim about creating space debris. There is no solid backup for this claim.

What bothers me about criticism of this kind is that 99% of all negative things written about Elon Musk is about his Mars colonization plans and stuff like this which in general is favorable to people and does not impact most people one iota.

However in areas where Elon Musk most definitely deserves criticism such as how he treats is autoplant workers as well as his ludicrious COIVD19 claims, there are just crickets.

I guess it isn't sexy enough to write critical articles about that. Auto workers are boring right? Who cares if they get injured at work or don't get to unionize. Much better to write about sattelites ocassionally obsucring the night sky for astronomers. Gives more clicks.

I also wish you a good day Sprague. Hope you don't take it too personal, that I have a bit crass debate style. I am just a passionate debater. I probably sound more angry than I am. I actually greately prefer people whom disagree with me but whom are passionate about what they believe in over people with no opinions about anything.

Take care,

Erik Engheim

Written by

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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