You did a great job with listing replacement apps. This is really hard when going for Linux. I still have not switched because there are just too many things I love about the Mac. But I do keep Ubuntu as my sort of backup solution if Apple goes crazy.

I must confess though that your reason for switching came across as really poor? There are so many reasons one might want to switch but keyboards??? What? It makes no sense. I have not used an Apple keyboard for over 10 years on my Macs. You just plug pretty much any USB keyboard into your Mac. This seems like a very odd reason to switch. Don’t use water to clean you keyboard. Use alcohol. I have never broken a keyboard in my life. I am 43. Sure some may get slightly defective keys. My Kinesis Advantage Keyboard which is over 10 years old still works flawlessly despite heavy use.

If I was to switch from Mac to PC it would be because I am tired of the hardware choices. I want a box PC with expansion bays not lots of loose cables that Apple force me to use.

Or it will be because Apple goes too far in trying to please the iOS and emoji hipsters. It had been downhill ever since Snow Leopard in my view. Only saving grace is that Microsoft has been 5x worse in how they have handled Windows.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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