Your “proof” that Trump cannot have autocratic tendencies make no sense. It assumes he somehow has complete control of government. He doesn’t. The US is an old democracy with democratic minded people all over government.

These people have resisted his autocratic tendencies every step of the way. Just read up on what actually goes on in the Whitehouse. He constantly tries to pull crazy shit that get stopped by the people around him.

Trump is stupid and reactionary. He has no grand plan for dictatorship. His autocratic tendencies is that of a toddler. He gets angry each time he doesn’t get what he wants and there and then he tries to get rid of people in his way and install puppets and loyalists such as Barr.

This the Trump dictatorship is really just something that grows organically. There is no plan. Trump is incapable of making plans. He cannot even invent evil schemes. His intellect and ability to think beyond the next week is too limited.

Also Trump doesn’t really have a grand agenda like say the Nazis or real Fascists. Trump just wants to be loved and praised like any other pathetic narcissist.

There is no Trumpian plan of world domination. All you got is a guy with no respect for democracy who craves high TV ratings.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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