Zero deaths, last 24 hours. That does not imply nobody is going to be dying anymore in Sweden. Keep in mind Sweden is 10 million people and the US is 330 million. Are you sure you cannot find a US states which hasn't had a COVID19 death the last 24 hours? As KerenLandman points out, the running 7 day average which is most useful to look at, show that Sweden is now worse in terms of deaths per million than ANY other European country including the US.

So no it is not looking good in terms of death. Sure you can argue that Sweden made a sensible trade-off, but Sweden never set out to make a trade-off in the first place. They honestly believed that they could protect lives by shielding nursing homes explicitly.

That tactic totally backfired and didn't work. Should we be surprised? Who in their right mind thought that you could keep Corona outside of nursing homes while it spread all over a society which the very nurses working in that nursing home commute and live?

Yes Sweden is doing much better than the most gloomy prediction by others about Sweden. But they are doing far worse than the predictions made by their own health authorities.

It is not the disaster we had feared, but nor is Sweden the success they had banked on themselves. In fact their economic strategy may backfire as well. Norway, Denmark Finland etc are starting to reopen their borders but Sweden is kept out. Sweden will get locked out of economic reintegration for quite some time to come. That could get expensive for them. Sure those of us who followed the hammer and dance approach took a bigger economic hit upfront. But we may still come through this better economically in the long term.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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