Zero Income Tax Not Workable in a Modern Society

Historically no country had income tax. Countries used to have strange taxes such as window tax, brick tax, taxes on the width of your house etc.

This was not the result of some “brilliant” libertarian small government type of thinking. It was the result of primitive governments which simply lacked the technology and organization to collect income tax and sales tax.

There was no general sales tax e.g. because that would be too difficult to administer. Instead more primitive societies tended to have vice taxes: gambling, tobacco and alcohol.

Developing countries today have much the same challenge. Only a small portion of Indians and Chinese pay taxes. Greece has huge problems collecting taxes. These are not libertarian model countries.

Modern sophisticate economies need far more tax income than a backwards agrarian America of the 1700s. When everybody is a farmer you don’t have unemployment problems, and hence unemployment benefits.

When people died at 60, you did not need hugely expensive programs such as Medicare.

By our standards these earlier societies with zero income taxes where hellish. Worker protection was weak and people died or got crippled at work at an astonishing rate. With no social services, survivors lived in misery.

People regularly got sick or died from bad food because there was no such thing as FDA. Read up on the poison squad. It is rather revolting what kind of nasty stuff companies used to add to food.

Geek dad, living in Oslo, Norway with passion for UX, Julia programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

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