Thanks! That is nice to hear!

Yeah it will be really interesting to see what happens with RISC-V. Maybe there will be a new world where x86 is kicked to the curb and forgotten while in the new world there is a dual between ARM and RISC-V. Sounds like a much nicer world to me.

I kind of care about the aesthetic of the assembly code and I always found x86 ISA to be an affront to all good taste. Back in the Amiga days I actually had fun programming Assembly. The x86 OTOH killed all the fun.

ARM looks so much nicer. Not to mention RISC-V. I have really liked reading some of the RISC-V documentation. Together with the Little Man Computer (toy CPU for teaching) it inspired me to define what I call the Calcutron-33, which is a RISC inspired toy CPU, that operates on imaginary hardware which is decimal based rather than binary. Just so it is easier to teach.

Some of the instruction format and behavior was a bit inspired by RISC-V:

I suspect there is a chance that Intel eventually collapses but that AMD is smart enough to venture into ARM. I think Nvidea is going to appear as a strong player. They can make SoCs with ARM and Nvidea GPUs.

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